It’s no secret that consumers want what RIM doesn’t have, it’s no secret either that RIM has a secret weapon; BlackBerry 10. Sadly, BlackBerry 10 has been held up thanks to delays, meaning it will only hit markets in early 2013, but while we’re waiting, why not discuss the most anticipated features that BlackBerry 10 is set to bring?

Full Touch

Gone are the days of the touch pad and BlackBerry button. BlackBerry 10 will bring along the first full touch BlackBerrys, ready to compete with the opposition. Devices with keyboards will also be available, but we’ll finally be able to enjoy the simple things in life, a full touch BlackBerry.

Video Calling

Yes, BlackBerry 10 will be equipped with front facing cameras. Not only will you be able to make video calls and Skype with your BlackBerry, but you’ll also be able to do that in BBM. Recent news has suggested that RIM will add this feature to BBM to compete directly with Apple’s FaceTime and Microsoft’s Skype.


BlackBerrys have always been known for their superb hardware keyboards and the next generation of BlackBerry devices will bring forth that legacy through RIM’s new onscreen keyboard, it’s as good as it gets; For those who still want keys, there will be slider and portrait QWERTY devices just for you, though the onscreen one will still be worth a try.

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BlackBerry 10 devices will bring high resolution displays to the table, think Apple’s Retina, just much better. Images, videos, games and the works will always be as clear as it gets. The displays are bright, bring forth clear, crisp images and are definitely worth the try.


Battery life is one of the key features BlackBerry 10 will focus on. All devices will be optimized to use as little juice as they can. Dark colours will be used as much as possible and the low energy OLED displays will also be incorporated. Devices will be slim, but larger, thus there will be more space for larger batteries.


RIM is said to be working hard to enable BlackBerry 10 to run Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Qt-based applications, just so that there won’t be a shortage. Add to that the many developers that have already been recruited through Jam events and you have a winning recipe. They have also struck deals with developers such as Rovio, Ubisoft and EA to bring titles to the platform.