Vivo V5sVivo V5s brought the Moonlight selfie once again into picture with its 20MP front-facing camera and a front-facing LED flash. This front-facing LED flash is also called as moonlight flash that we are talking about in the post. Well not only Vivo but other smartphone manufacturers are too putting a front-facing flash onto their smartphones. This led to one trivial question as to why do we even need this front-facing LED flash?

Flash is not always good. I personally never opt to enable flash while clicking a photograph. They tend to produce such intense light at just one patch of the frame that it turns out to be an instant reject, at least for me. We need a light source that scatters well and is a little soft instead of filling up light irrationally in the frame.

What is a ‘Moonlight Selfie’?

The term ‘Moonlight Selfie’ was first introduced with the launch of Vivo V5 featuring a 20MP Moonlight Camera back in November 2016. Since then it has been a selling point for Vivo smartphones which can capture Moonlight selfies.

The front-facing LED on Vivo smartphones which were launched after V5 comes with this Moonlight LED that throws a warm light instead of bright white. This supposedly has been aimed to imitate the effect of soft light which is reflected by the moon on a full moon night. Hence, a selfie clicked from this moonlight LED camera is branded as the moonlight selfie.


Honestly, it is that so bad as it tries to bring that effect when pitch dark. It might increase noise in the picture eventually if other mild light sources are too present in frame, so its application is quite specific. We have to judge when to use it depending upon that situation.

Like if you see this picture, I am sitting in my room at 5:30AM New Delhi, India where every artificial light source is switched off apart from very little natural light that enters from the windows as the daylight is about to roll in.

Vivo V5s Moonlight Selfie without flash
Without Moonlight Flash
Vivo V5s Moonlight Selfie with flash
With Moonlight Flash

During daytime just forget about the settings as the Vivo V5s front-camera comes with f/2.0 aperture to capture details appropriately. Here is a sample for the same.

Vivo V5s Selfie

Shed some ‘moonlight’?Sure

All of us love to click photographs especially today when we have an easy access to camera in our pockets. And what’s better than a photograph where the subject of that photograph is you.
Moonlight LED flash is one attempt to enhance your portraits in low light conditions. In our experience selfie enthusiasts will like it. Vivo V5s is the next best selfie smartphone from Vivo and currently in the market which comes with a 20MP front-facing camera. Along with a good selfie camera it also comes with ample storage to store those photographs on your smartphone though we would suggest to regularly sync pictures on a cloud storage for backup.

For ₹18,990 Vivo V5s allows its users to experience a quality experience. Vivo V5s is one of the best camera smartphones in this price segment which not only clicks a #PerfectSelfie from its front-camera but its rear camera can produce some astonishing results as well. Overall a good phone which should not be ignored when exploring the mid-range price segment.