No matter if you write or not, at some point you need to take a screen shot. Unlike Apple’s power key + Home button shortcut, Blackberry smart phones do not have this inbuilt feature. But developers have built many such applications which can do this task.

So this week at “This is How We Do It” I will tell you know how to take a screen shot on Blackberry smart phones. Lets begin

  • Download the application Screen Grabber from the Blackberry App World.
  • After installing the app, configure the settings if you want.
  • And thats it

Now at any time when you need to take a screen shot all you need to do it look for Screen Grabber in the menu and click it. The screen shots will be saved in Pictures folder under Screen_Grabber.

You can also share these screen shots directly if you configure the application accordingly.
Any queries? Do let us know in the comments below.