Configure Falcon PRO to bypass Twitter’s Token limit


Twitter’s stupid policy to ruin every third party client after the switch to API v1.1 has made the most popular twitter client on Android, Falcon Pro to brutally end up. Falcon Pro preferred by most of the Android twitter users and even ranked amongst the top third party clients for twitter had to face some severe issues running the application.

According the new Twitter policy, there is a limit on number of users and API calls per user which has completely ended up for Falcon Pro due to piracy. The developer @joenrv tried various other methods to bypass these restrictions but sadly he was not able to succeed. In the end @joenrv has now pulled the application from the Play Store and has instead made the .apk available for download on The .apk available on the website has some modifications to the original application. Now because of the API restrictions, new users can’t login directly unless they perform a hack which the developer itself designed himself to keep the application alive.

  1. Download the .apk from
  2. Sign in to
  3. Create an application with Read, write and direct messages access.
  4. Don’t forget to enter call back URL. This call back URL can be anything but in the proper URL format.
  5. Now install the downloaded .apk
  6. Open the application
  7. Tap the Falcon logo in the center and tap on four edges of the screen.
  8. You will see four colored squares on the edges appearing after you tap.
  9. Tap on the bottom left colored square so that it disappears.
  10. Now shake your phone. Yes shake
  11. Custom Login will be unlocked.
  12. You need to enter Consumer Key and Secret in the fields and login as usual.

In case you like it please support the developer by purchasing the add-on pack for Falcon PRO which is available on Play Store.

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