On Mobile App

The leading provider of telecom value-added service – OnMobile Global Ltd, launched a free 24×7 mobile application HELP ME.

This mobile application will assist women, children, young adults and senior citizens in fighting crime and calling for help during emergencies. It basically provides two services ‘I am here’ and ‘I need help’ respectively to provide a security cover and safety to the individuals. It is easily accessible and reliable so that people do not have to look for an external source. The features added along with this application is tracking location, sending panic alerts to chosen family members and friends, trigger off panic alarms etc.

This aim of building this application is to provide safety and help to the people of this society during any kind of emergencies varying from medical emergency, crime situations ( eve teasing, theft, rape, stalking, etc.) or accidents ( road accident, fire, any kind of mishaps etc.).

Coming to the details of the two services provided my OnMobile.

The ‘I am here’ service lets the family members and friends of the user track his/her location whereas ‘I need help’ raises an alarm in crisis situation and automatically sends alerts to the family members and friends.

The amazing part of this app is that it is absolutely free of cost and it can work on lower end mobile phones also. It does not depend on capabilities like GPS, location maps etc. Currently this app is available on the Android Platform. In the due course of time it will be made available on both Symbian and Java Platform. It is simple to use and easily accessible. As soon as the app is downloaded, the user will have to chooses a set of Guardians (minimum of one and maximum of five) who will receive a call in addition to an SMS in case of emergency.