Vivo Branding
Vivo smartphones entered India a few years ago with the launch of their DNA, HiFi Music on smartphones. High fidelity Music has been Vivo’s forte and they brought it to all their smartphones ranging in all price segments. Vivo also launched the world’s slimmest smartphone Vivo X5 Max with 4.75mm which added to its fame. But this was like a one time gig, though it was pretty neat packing everything and still keeping it thin. Unfortunately, this couldn’t help because of its price and India is a very price sensitive market.

Vivo in India

Vivo is one of the biggest player in offline sales along with OPPO and Gionee. Call it dealer bribery or whatever, they are selling numbers. Recently at the launch of Vivo V5, it was announced that they have sold 5,000,000 smartphones in India. With Ranveer Singh as brand ambassador and being the IPL sponsor, one thing is clear that Vivo has big marketing budgets for India. On the other hand, Vivo has also been spending its cash reserves for research and development purposes to stand out in league.

The invention of portable camera was a brilliant idea and will be thanked till eternity. Getting that on our smartphones was even a bigger deal. According to recent stats, the most demanding feature from a smartphone user these days is camera. People love to click photographs of anything around, be it their surroundings or even themselves. Above that, social networks made this a desire which I guess every individual now possess. Observing this requirement, Vivo has officially expanded its focus from Audio only to Optics + Audio branding themselves with ‘Camera and Music’.

Vivo V5

Where does Vivo V5 fit in?

Vivo V5 is the first smartphone by Vivo on this new direction. Moonlight Glow selfie camera has tried to bring a new experience for selfie lovers in any lighting conditions. It’s aim is to bring out the best skin tone color for a perfect selfie. It also comes with AK4396 Hi-Fi audio chipset which will boost the high quality audio output. Vivo if continues to innovate can be turn out to be a survivor in this highly dense smartphone market with big players falling in. Let’s see what Vivo rolls out next.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.