The original origin of smartphones can be traced back to the 1980s. But its real universal use is the past ten years. Its existence makes people no longer have to use the computer when they have requirements for the use of data. Its existence can be compared to a small PC on the PC side. In the instant connection between people, it is an explosive invention for humans that spans two centuries. For all mankind, the meaning has even exceeded the computer.

It is in the upsurge of such an era that people’s demand for smartphones has increased. This brings up related problems in the smartphone selection process. People are in the environment of using smartphones. When computers are not popularized, the penetration rate of smartphones has reached 60% in many places. But many consumers don’t have a complete understanding of it. This article introduces this knowledge.

Hardware Knowledge of Mobile Phones

In fact, the related hardware configuration of smartphones is complicated and comprehensive. This may be why it can occupy the consumer market. Its main parts include the processor, running memory, ROM storage, battery, camera, etc. I will introduce the two parts of the processor and RAM running memory. There are some gaps between mobile phone processors and computer processors. The mobile phone processor integrates various aspects such as CPU, GPU, SP, etc. CPU can affect the performance and experience of mobile phones. The GPU determines the level of gaming performance experience and so on. RAM running memory is integrated in the SOC processor. And due to the development of modern mobile phones, the storage requirements are high. When purchasing, it is best to choose a storage capacity above 64G. 128G or 256G is better. And ROM will have a certain impact on the fluency of mobile phones. Its flash memory read and write speed will affect the fluency of mobile phone use.

Selection of Purchase Channels

Consumers need to understand various channels for purchasing products. Different purchase channels mean different degrees of product protection. From the current market situation, the smartphone price in UK is small. The price difference between channels is not big. But the quality is different. If you buy from official channels, you can prevent some unknown product quality problems. You can ensure subsequent maintenance after purchase.

The above are some relevant shopping tips and necessary knowledge. You need to pay attention to them when choosing a smartphone.