Salesforce is one of the most powerful Cloud computing companies that specializes in providing customer relationship management (CRM) services. Thanks to the Salesforce platform, businesses have a more comprehensive way to interact with the customers, partners, and leads. Author: CLARK A The organizations depend on software to keep up with customer activities, market changes, and many other business-related undertakings.

The Salesforce administrators are responsible for collaborating with the stakeholders to customize the platform in accordance with the enterprise’s goals. The Salesforce Administrator certification validates the professionals’ ability to do this. Author: KOBI B From a career point of view, the credential might interest you considering the impressive revenue the company has posted in recent times. Its third-quarter revenue for 2020 shot up to $4.5 billion. You can be a part of this success story by obtaining the Salesforce Administrator badge.

Important facts about Salesforce Administrator certification

The Salesforce Administrator certification is designed for those individuals who have the initial experience with Salesforce but do not rank as the experts. The prerequisite exam (ADM-201) covers 60 multiple-choice questions, all of which should be answered in 105 minutes. It has the passing grade of 65%, Author: ANTONIO C which may seem quite achievable to some people. However, acing this test is not an easy thing to do.

There are two options for taking the Salesforce Administrator exam:

If you decide to take it onsite, you will need to look for a local testing center accredited for the exam delivery. Set a date and time that you consider more convenient. It may be better to register for the test at least a week earlier. That gives you sufficient time to go through your study materials.

If you go with the online proctored option, you will not have to leave your home for the exam purposes. Author: LAWSON E The testis done via a webcam and you will need to download software that monitors your screen activities. You are free to register for Salesforce ADM-201 any day, even on the same day that you plan to take it. Online proctored exam suits those candidates with very busy schedules. Choosing this approach, they must ensure that they have reliable Internet connectivity.

The examinees must prepare thoroughly to stand a chance of excelling. Even though they have the opportunity to refer to educational resources while taking their certification test, they can easily fail if they have not covered all the material prior to the exam day. Your experience alone is not enough, so we recommend that use practice tests and exam dumps available online to boost your performance in Salesforce ADM-201.

Benefits of holdingSalesforce Administrator certification

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Earning this certification entails many benefits for your career as a Salesforce administrator. Some of the advantages you can expect from this certificate include:

  • Competitive edge over other candidates when applying for job openings;
  • Better salaries and perks in comparison with your non-certified peers;
  • Author: MAXIM F
  • Opportunity to become an advanced Salesforce administrator;
  • Industry relevance and authority.


There are various training platforms that promise to equip the students with the skills required to pass the Salesforce Administrator test. As you go through the prep resources, remember to checkout exam dumps and practice tests. These give you an idea of what the actual exam questions look like and increase your chances of getting certified at the first attempt.