Reading books is an old hobby. However, with technology on the horizon, even book reading has become an exciting endeavor. Promoting your ebook is not a tedious process, but it requires your commitment and dedication. However, there is a remedy. HubSpot reports that 84% of marketers got a traffic influx by spending as little as six hours on social media. So this might be the right start for you. This article will introduce you to tips that you can quickly implement and watch your sales chart skyrocket. Such as:

  1. Promote It Within Your Website. You shouldn’t only approach digitization when you need something. You should be ahead of the technology game by using it as often as possible. As a writer, you should have a blog and a website at hand. Your ebook also deserves a spot on your website. While you’re competing for the charts for a top position, you should try engaging your book with the audience you already have on your website. You may give them the first glimpse at your book and let them take it ahead by sharing it on their social media platforms. 
  2. Create A Social Strategy. When you’re promoting your book, you want to engage your audience. The best way to do this is to drop tiny hints throughout your platform. You can pick exciting excerpts and scatter them on your social media page. It will create a buzz around your new book. You can have multiple images designed for the reader to add to its promotional value. All of these factors can work in culmination to create the attention and anticipation you want, and from there, all you need to do is wait for the release date. 
  3. Have Social Banners. There are websites such as that may help you create an exciting ebook. The illustrations you make from there can help you understand how your social banner should be. The world today is all about efficiency. You want to give your old and new users alike an incentive to return to your social page or to take something from their visitation. You can find many different designs for ebooks. You can even change your banner as much as you like to create a more considerable hype around it and create the anticipation you want. You can even include your social banner into your URL so that your audience can find it right away. 
  4. Let Influencers Help You. Teamwork can lead to great results. You don’t have to work in isolation to achieve momentum. Let different influencers be your guiding light. Influencers are all about attention. Suppose you give them an incentive to feature their content or do a podcast with them if they’re willing to share details about your new book. You can even write a review or an appreciation post to leverage them further to help you.
  5. Pin A Tweet. Platforms such as Twitter come with an option to pin your tweet. It acts as a spotlight for any tweet. You want to stay on the top indefinitely. It is a good practice as your audience will turn to social media to find your book right away. It would also be helpful to leave it on top of your newsfeed. It is a free marketing strategy that freely advertises your book. And you may even create a hashtag for your readers to increase the chances of its visibility. 
  6. Engage In Forums. Social media comes with numerous forums. You can find an outlet for everything, including a place for ebooks. It is an excellent practice to take the time to get to know everyone present on the platform and learn about their interests and engage with their comments. It would also encourage them to extend you with the same courtesy and look into your book. You can even create your forum, a fan page, for instance, to get a discussion started about your book. It can be from theories to viewers posing questions about your book regarding the inspiration surrounding it. 
  7. Pay For Ads. Social media runs its fair share of advertisements. You can pay for these ads and let the algorithm sponsor your content across various pages. It will help if you invest a little in paid advertisements to ensure you unlock top-notch quality ads and aren’t selling moderately impressive ads that may get overlooked. Various social media platforms support ads such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The entire idea is to get attention and bring new audience members to view your book.
  8. Use Facebook Analytics. It is a slightly technical way of promoting your ebook. You’re engaging in an informed way to find your target audience. Platforms such as Facebook have analytics tools. These can give valuable insights such as finding out where your fans live, how old they are, and what their gender is. It can make it easier for you to know where to target your ads and where you can find your demographics. Not only will this save time, but it also makes it a better and an effective strategy to get the audience you want. 
  9. Use Different Content On Different Platforms. No one likes monotony. Keep reusing the same excerpts and the same ads throughout your platforms. Your audience may get bored and mistake it for lazy advertising. The energy and effort you spend on making catchy and exciting social banners and messages will translate into an increase in their interest. Give your audience a mixture of content to engage with it. Be your own hype man and lead the way to your project.
  10. Make Recommendations. When you recommend a book or genre, it shows your level of expertise in that field. In practice, you should be an avid reader to improve your content and create an imaginative book. However, try and expand your knowledge as much as possible and make recommendations. Your audience will see you as an authority figure within your genre and if you play your cards right. Authors will act on your suggestions and talk about your book in their spaces, inviting their viewers to engage with your work and hopefully become your fans.

Wrap Up

Your work and effort deserve a spotlight. A technical platform that allows you to do this is social media. Social media is a tool for modern times that goes beyond socializing. It is a free promotional tool. You should have your website with shareable content that allows your content to appear on different social sites. Have a social strategy drop excerpts now and then on other platforms with a new promotion for each of your pages. Have a social banner and let influencers and authors help you get more attention. Use analytic tools. Pin your tweet, and finally, don’t hesitate to invest a little for ads.