Covid-19 Marketing Strategy

COVID-19 has created a global upheaval. As the world moves ahead with the pandemic, the new normal is being defined each day. The streets have been deserted, and the internet has become the meeting place.

The common people and businesses alike are occupied by digital screens today. This has significantly affected the marketing processes of the organisations as everything has to be shifted online and made lucrative enough for the digital world.

The COVID-19 marketing strategy has become all about ample and quality screen presence and to achieve this. The most suitable tool is the use of video marketing. It is estimated that by the end of this year, an average individual will spend about two hours per day consuming video content online.

Reasons Why Integrating Videos Would Help the Marketing Strategy:

  • The Statistics Are Proof:

Several kinds of research and surveys are done on the likability of videos among people are quite big, especially during this time of global pandemic when people are at home. A vast portion of the world has shown their interest in the videos presented by companies as a marketing tool. According to an estimation based on a survey, by the year 2022, 82% of all the content created will be video.

  • Videos are Shared More than Any Other Media:

A video is a form of media that is more interesting as well as engaging than any other media because of some obvious reasons. Videos stimulate multiple senses of the viewer, thus generating more engagement. Videos stimulate multiple senses of the viewer, thus generating more engagement. A video has the capability of portraying a story and establishing a connection with its audience, which persuades them to share the video forward to the ones they know. This increases the views of the video, which is a step forward towards the goal.

  • Search Engines are fond of videos:
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The current situation has made videos the king of content. It has become the fondest choice of the search engines too. Your brand is likely to grow more and come up in the internet searches more often if your video content has the quality and is being liked by people.

You don’t need to worry if you are a new bee in the business. You can start with Facebook ads as they even offer some cool Facebook ad templates to start.

  • Increased screen time of the audience:

The fear that has been injected in the hearts of people worldwide due to the threats of COVID-19 has compelled people to be at home. It has been months now that people are working from home on their laptops, tablets and mobile phones. This has increased the time people spend on their digital screens. This is good for marketers as projecting their video ads at the right place will receive the maximum audience online.

Ways to incorporate videos in the COVID-19 marketing strategy and how they should be:

  • Define a clear objective of the video:

Making a video is a big deal, but all the hard work will only pay off when the audience likes, appreciates and shares the video. This can only be done when there is a particular objective behind creating and circulating the video. There should be a clear message that should be delivered seamlessly for the video to gain popularity and acceptance among the audience.

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For example, if there is a certain message to be delivered about the brand, it should stand out, or if something specific that the brand is doing during COVID, then it should come across.

  • Do not forget to add a Call To Action (CTA) to your videos:

Your audience should always be in a loop, and they should not feel lost after completing watching the video. Always have an end template for the video and tell the viewers what you want out of them. If your video is all about engagement and views, thank them for watching, if it is about subscription, ask them to subscribe and so on.

  • Be careful of the budget that you set:

Video marketing is a smart option, but you need to be smarter in planning your budget as your initiative will not guarantee sales. Therefore it is better to utilise already existing resources like phone, people at home or colleagues and easy editing software to create and promote the video rather than investing huge amounts on it.

  • Be creative to stand out among the crowd:

This is the time when the internet is flooded with content, and people have surplus options to select from. This makes the chance of your video getting lost much higher. To avoid this, try to be very honest and creative with your content. Carry out proper research and find out the likes and dislikes of your audience. This will help in creating videos that stay with people and will help you market your brand better.

  • Do not forget the power of social media:
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Social media has the power to make or break single-handed. Facebook and Instagram are not just places to chat and post pictures of leisure but have become a crucial source and platform for marketing. Facebook video ads are a thing not to ignore; it is a great area to invest in as Facebook alone has a viewership of more than 4 billion videos in a single day.

  • Make your videos device friendly:

People these days are mostly on their phone, so it would be advisable to create videos that easily open in the smartphones and do not have any technical bug in opening up as people will get irritated in no time and will never return to your page as there is already tons of useful content online that is easily accessible.


A right thing becomes more efficient when it is done at the right time, and there can be no other better phase than the current period to start with some video marketing tactics. People are at home and are eager to consume anything that is new and has the power to engross the audience. Videos are here to stay, and all the marketers need to realise the urgency of creating good videos and circulating it across different media to become visible and to succeed.