LG Optimus G Pro

Communication becomes a problem in foreign countries or even in India when a foreigner communicates in his/her language then there is an issue. Now this problem is solved, Quick translator by LG will ease your problem. It is a perfect travel companion.

Understanding others or to be understood by others is now possible almost anywhere on earth. Being able to communicate in person with anyone in their native language feels real good and solves our problems. Using LG Quick Translator one can easily translate any foreign word or sentence or phrases. Its an instant translate with a scan. You can even convert any international language to regional languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali etc. The Quick Translator is easy to understand with an accuracy of recognition rate being 91.1%. Having a conversation without any problem with someone who speaks in a different language is fun and easy with LG Quick Translator. This application is pre-loaded in LG Optimus G PRO.