Saavn (South Asian Audio Video Network) is a digital music service which provides highest quality audio. It’s catalog includes Bollywood, Indian and regional South Asian music

Saavn announced the launch of Saavn Pro subscription service for Android users. The users will be able to enjoy their favorite tunes commercial-free and offline. This is beneficial for areas where the cellular connection is weak or unavailable. The company will be providing its vast selection of Indian music to the users in India, UK, and other major markets. Approximately there are 1.1 million tracks which are available on Saavn Pro and thousands of new tracks are being added every month.

Features of Saavn Pro:

  1. The main thing Saavn pro is providing is Offline Downloads.
  2. Music streaming is without any interruption, that is Ad-free Listening.
  3. Highest quality music (320 kbps) provided.
  4. For offline listening users can opt to use Wi-Fi or cellular data network to cache music.

Around 60 percent of Saavn’s users listen to music via mobile phones. The users also have an option to opt-in Saavn Pro directly on their mobile. Saavn Pro is the premium music product which is launched for the Android market in India. Premium because Saavn was one of the first Android apps to hit a million users in India. Earlier this month around March Saavn Pro was launched on iOS platform and was proved successful. It is also one of the top grossing on iTunes India Store.


Saavn Pro is providing a 30-day free trial after which the a subscription charge of Rs 220 a month would be charged directly through the Google user account. There is also an option to register ahead of the release date. Analyzing the India market Saavn Pro has also launched Saavn Pro lite which is a new premium subscription service. basically it is a cheaper option. It lets users cache up to 1 GB of music on a single device for Rs 110 a month. This is introduced specially for Indian users.

Image Source : Wireless Duniya