LINE corporation announced the launch of its new version as well as the support for video calling. This is to be released worldwide. Snap movie is a feature which is also to be introduced. This feature lets the users to record and share short videos say up to 10 seconds. This marvelous feature is to be released on the iPhone first and then on Android at a later stage.

Now customers can enjoy free one on one, face-to-face conversation through video calls. The video call feature is available for iPhone, Android, as well as PC’s (Windows/Mac). This video calling can be used over Wi-Fi as well as 3G networks in supported devices. Users can switch between video calls to voice calls anytime during the conversation.

iPhone users have an added advantage. They have the Snap feature which will let them record short videos (up-to 10 seconds), select a background music for the same and also share it with anyone from the friend list. It proves to be a unique and efficient way of communication. There will be more than 9 variety of background music to choose from depending upon the situation and scenes.