Sony announced the launch of its two new high definition security cameras. One is SNC-CX600W and the other one is SNC-CX600. These cameras sports wide viewing angles and displays 720p image quality. These reasonable yet efficient cameras will mark a breakthrough in the market. These sophisticated cameras would prove to be a boon for people who want to deploy security in shops, offices or buildings.

Seeing the increase in security cover and people buying expensive not so much efficient cameras, Sony worked on and developed effective solutions and have come up with these affordable cameras which includes all features and is highly reliable. These cameras would provide high resolution photos even in the low light and high contrast scenes. This effective output is due to the use of Sony’s original IPELA ENGINE EX™ unique integrated signal processing system.

This compact and stylish cameras comes with a white LED illumination with a built-in recording. These cameras also features industry-leading lens. This would be able to cover full 120 degrees or 50% wider than other cameras.

It holds many features like high-quality motion sensor that would work in both light and dark environments. It also holds a microphone, a speaker and also enables clear recording.

As soon as a motion sensor detects a break-in, the wide-angle LED illumination is switched on. It also plays out a pre-recorded voice message. It also sends an e-mail notification on the registered mail, in-turn notifying the concerned person. The images or videos can be seen through an internet browser too. SNC-CX600W also supports Wi-Fi which is inter-operable. Stable network operation is obtained as well as Wi-Fi protected setup is available.

No external recorder is needed in these cameras. All the images and videos are directly captured in the microSD or SDHC cards. Therefore it is more space effective as well as cost effective.

These cameras are available throughout India through the authorized dealers.

  • The price of model SNC-CX600W is INR 50,000/- which is readily available.
  • The price of model SNC-CX600 is INR 50,000 will be made available from January 2014.