Windows Phone being the top third smartphone operating system is catching up on application ecosystem. Microsoft has somehow managed to make it rise up in the competition by developing some of the applications themselves. One such initiative by Microsoft Windows Phone team is Guardian which has been announced on December 26, 2013.

Guardian is a new safety application exclusive to Windows Phone users worldwide. You might know about some of the safety applications on Android and iOS which can be used in case of emergency. There is a probability that you might not trust the developer in case he/she is not verified which you definitely should. Such applications use your personal data so you always be aware of what you are doing.

Guardian enables users to switch on a ‘track me’ feature in the app that lets friends and family track them in real time using Microsoft Windows Azure cloud services and Bing Map APIs. Guardian users can call for help through an ‘SOS’ alert button and also connect to security agencies, police and hospitals easily via this app in times of distress.


The application is a result of six month effort put by employees from India within Microsoft Garage. Microsoft Garage is a global employee innovation initiative that gives Microsoft employees an outlet to explore ideas.

Before you use the application, it is recommended you read the document explaining how actually it works. The application is free to download from the Windows App Store or you can directly hit this link :