Symantec on June 27th 2013 released their latest version of mobile security app on iOS and Android with a new intelligence technology called as Norton Mobile Insight. This Norton Mobile Insight feature addresses all the privacy concerns which scans all the applications on the device and performs user accessible actions relating to the threat.

Norton Mobile insight is a proporeitary intelligence tool by Symantec which has a large server backend that makes it serves the purpose. As per a survey by Symantec, mobile device users don’t know what privacy mishaps means and what it can do. Therefore maintaining personal control over the user data is a major concern. Taking an example of an applications which requires the persmission for call logs and messages will be deleted or uninstalled by Mobile Insight as it is prone to access user data which may be shared with god knows how many other bots and people. Norton Mobile Insight provides dynamic analysis for every app in more than 200 app stores to determine the potential security risks. The latest update also extends anti-theft features on iOS devices with a scream alaram to help find the missing device quickly.

Norton Mobile Security is available for $29.99 from various retailers, Apple App Store and Google Play Store with updates only to customers with the original copy.