Earlier this year we witnessed the arrival of different real time messaging applications by developers accross the globe adding a few new features on to the wildely popular WhatsApp. Two days back on 1st July 2013, LINE corporation has announced yet another global messaging application in India called as LINE itself. Though it was available from a long time on the play store but this was an official announcement from the company.

Like every other global messaging application, LINE also supports free global messaging on data along with free calling, voice chat and sticker chat. What gives LINE an edge over others is the sticker chat by which users can send large sized icons kinda things to their friends expressing their emotions in a different style. These sticker characters include something original from LINE along with Disney, Hello Kitty and Ironman. Another reason for its adoption is the pc client which was a long time pending request from the WhatsApp users accross the globe.

The application is available free to download for both smartphones and PCs across multiple operating systems including iOS, Android, Nokia Asha, Windows phone, BlackBerry, Windows PC and Mac from their respective app stores. To claim their presence among the Indian youth LINE also has launched a brand marketing campaign through a series of television commercials which can be viewed below.