Clubhouse has added a new feature in its app, Spatial audio which will add surround sound effects to let other people in the room hear you in 3D. This feature has started rolling out in iOS devices meanwhile Android devices are yet to receive the update. Let’s talk about the feature a bit.

As per the company, This feature will add more live human experience in listening. This will easily help in differentiating between where the sound is coming from and who is speaking. This feature will need headphones, be it wired or wireless. They have also claimed that they are working with mobile OS providers to bring this feature to other wireless devices rather than just headphones, as there is a limitation of the Bluetooth protocol which doesn’t allow speakers to hear partial audio effects. Even if you aren’t using headphones, other members of the room will be able to hear you in spatial audio though you can always turn it off.

Here is a sample of the feature posted by Clubhouse on Twitter.