blackberry-z10-messagingThe confusion in the air about data plans on the upcoming BlackBerry 10 line of devices was cleared by CrackBerry posting a news that it is now confirmed that BlackBerry OS10 phones wont need any special data plans like the previous ones to use their services.Unlike older BlackBerrys, the Z10 and future models don’t require tiers with BlackBerry Internet Service or BlackBerry Enterprise Server support in order to work their push messaging magic. Well we think its great new’s for people always wanting to pay the same for a regular data plan but wanting to have those reliability of notifications.

To sum it up:

  • Yes you can use any smartphone data plan for the Z10 and Q10
  • Yes, a dedicated BlackBerry plan will still work
  • No, you can’t use a feature plan like email only or BBM only
  • Yes, you need a micro SIM card to use in the Z10 or Q10 (or a iPhone 5 nano card in a micro SiM adapter will work too)
  • Yes, BES users still need a BES plan