We all have witnessed how tablets evolved and have re-defined the meaning for portability. With the large screen, Tablets have overcome the need of using a machine for small tasks. For those who are uncomfortable with the on screen keyboard, various manufactrers have portbale keyboards ready for them so that they can have the same keyboard experience while on the move . Apple iPad with the maximum share in the tablet market is the most common tablet seen in the wild, obviously has the maximum number of accessories which generally work on other tablets as well because of their generic means to communicate. Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio, one of the iPad keyboards available in the market which is not just a keyboard. What makes this one of a kind?


Thanks to Logitech, we got our hands-on the Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad and here we will tell you why one should go for it over all others.

Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio is an iPad portable keyboard as the name suggests which runs on solar battery. Apart from the keyboard it is also a book cover for providing protection to the iPad from any external damage. This was a brief description about the product and now let’s begin with the detailed review.


Starting with the retail package, the solar keyboard folio is wrapped up very nicely ensuring that the product does not suffer from any kind of damage.


The Solar Keyboard Folio is a great book cover that takes care of any possible damage that could happen to the iPad. The book cover has a plasticky case which perfectly fits the iPad and like a book the cover protects the screen. All the necessary outlets like audio jack, speaker, camera, 30 pin-dock are provided which means you never have to remove this case.


Coming to the keyboard now. The Solar Keyboard Folio has a chiclet keyboard that looks pretty with the iPad. The best part is, it runs on solar batteries so you don’t have to worry about charging them. The keyboard communicates with the iPad via Bluetooth through HID, that is Human Interface Device, which makes it not only specific to iPad but to any device having Bluetooth connectivity. We tested this keyboard with a PlayBook, Android Tablet, Android Smart Phone, and iPhone, and it worked flawlessly on each. But the case makes it perfect for an iPad.


Typing experiece with this keyboard is none less than that on a machine so if you have an iPad and this keyboard then you have a laptop which can run upto 7 hours. It has function keys for access to media and other purposes like cut, copy, etc. We found the lack of home and end keys, which on the touch on iPad serve the purpose, but still it would have been better if they were provided too. There are two special keys by the side one which enables Bluetooth pairing mode and the other which shows battery status.


The keyboard have the option to be adjusted in two positions – the media and the typing. Media mode coves the keyboard with the case giving access to just first row of keys and the typing mode gives access to full keyboard. Unless the keyboard is adjusted in any of the positions the keyboard will not be turned on which makes it smart and power efficient.


The solar panels are at the back and the solar cells along with the tube above the keybord. So whenever you are out of battery or not using it just turn it upside down and leave it. It is not necessary that you have to leave it in bright sun for charging, it can charge in daylight as well as indoors with the flourecent tube lights.


Logitech has claimed that if the keyboard is kept for six hours in bright sunlight and we use it for two hours in a day it can last for two years without running out of charge. In our testing period it’s battery never went out-of-charge with almost six hours of daily usage and the rest of the time charging indoors.


The Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio is a keyboard book cover designed for iPad 2 and the new iPad which runs on solar power. The book cover provides a good all round protection from all possible damages. The keyboard is good for a table but it is not comfortable on the lap. The keyboard running on solar batteries is of course an asset but the pricing might not suit everyone. This keyboard has an MRP of 9,000 INR but will be available in market for about 7,000 – 8,000 INR. Logitech may consider reducing some prices in the further models but as of now it looks a little expensive.

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