IMG_20150319_131207Intel has been long emphasizing its channel community, today the company announced that moving ahead, they would strengthen their focus and also launch a new campaign that they call the ‘DIY campaign’ for assembly enthusiasts.

Intel has recognized that growth if any, is only possible by indulging and helping train the channel partners. The program called the Genuine Intel® Dealer program was launched back in 1995. The same has been rehashed as the Intel Technology Provider program and encompasses around 20,000 partners with more joining everyday. There is a mass out there, be it students, professionals or gamers who seek the power to customize and build their own custom rigs. Intel is planning to empower them and make things a bit more interesting with this new DIY program. The next generation of computing still sees custom made CPUs as a part of this and so are Next Unit of Computing and AIOs. Rajiv Bhalla, Director, Sales and Marketing – Intel South Asia said

“Intel remains committed to the growing desktop enthusiast community and Intel Technology Providers have been a strong channel in driving technology transitions and delivering form factor innovations in the form of NUCs, custom built PCs and AIOs.  They have been the true champions of Make in India philosophy by offering flexibility and choice to consumers for their computing needs. With this campaign we wish to further empower them, by creating more awareness and pride amongst customers in making their own PC, thus driving more growth for the Intel Technology Providers and boost their contribution to the Government’s Make in India vision.”

Recognizing the change in how we interact with tech. around us, specially with the onset of wearables , Intel says that they are ready to power all elements of the Internet of Things, including servers. Servers and hybrid clouds are more than a buzzword, Intel says they are a reality we are living in and are immensely helpful for growing enterprises to go shoulder-to-shoulder with the big guys when it comes to compute power. Digital signage and point of sales are identified as key growth areas for the channel community that Intel is ready for.