Jolla today at MWC 2015 announced that their open source mobile operating system, Sailfish OS has been enhanced with a new user interface, support for Intel architecture and scalability which can support both smartphones and tablets. ‘Sailfish OS 2.0’ the next generation of the operating system is also ready for licensing to OEMs and other partners.

Sailfish OS 2.0 is expected to hit the market by Q2/2015 with the Jolla Tablet. Jolla aims at providing monthly software updates to all Sailfish OS users and development partners. Jolla is now inviting OEMs, ODMs, and leading internet, eCommerce, and content players to join the Sailfish OS alliance. The Finnish mobile company is also planning to work with regional influencers to amplify the outreach in markets which have a tendency to build their independent mobile ecosystems.

Highlights of the upcoming update:

  • Even stronger technical OS core and improved Android application compatibility
  • Support for Intel architecture, including the Intel Atom x3 processor
  • Best multitasking on the market for both smartphones and tablets
  • Improved user experience with an enhanced, even richer user interface
  • Strong privacy and personalization features
  • Many new UI/UX features, like enhanced notifications and events views, and even simpler swipe access to main functions
  • ‘Sailfish 2.0’ is designed to provide premium visibility in the UI for leading digital content providers and to enable OS level integration for mobile commerce
  • Jolla also revealed plans to launch a secure mobile platform based on Sailfish OS which shall be called ‘Sailfish Secure’. Partnering with SSH Communications Security, Jolla is developing a secure mobile phone solution ideal for government officials, corporations, and consumers.

Powered by another Finnish assistance, ‘Sailfish Secure’ will feature SSH Comunications’ encryption and key management platform. European markets being deprived of this kinda platform, as Android more or less rules there opens an opportunity for Jolla to fill the gap and create a choice for consumers to choose from. Jolla have plans for India as well, and we hope they get implemented in time.