Android mobile operating system is the most versatile mobile operating system we have observed among the competitors. This versatility has its own pros and cons for example, developers have this freedom to create the applications with access to each and every component of the OS making it super compatible or else their application can even malfunction the basic operations. This versatility has been a boon for the users. Talking about just the keyboards there are not much or should I say any customization to personalize the typing experience on iOS and WP keyboards whereas on Android we have Swiftkey, Swype, Adaptxt and lot more even different OEMs come up with their own. In the end users have the option to choose which one to use. They even can completely remove the one which they are not comfortable with. One such keyboard which we came across is Adaptxt which is surprisingly free to download and caught our attention there and then. This week at Install or Not let’s check out Adaptxt Keyboard for Android.

Adaptxt has the Play Store description as quoted is an intelligent keyboard for fast and smart typing in over 100 languages and industry specific dictionaries. Though we think its self explanatory but still we shall give some introduction to it. Adaptxt is the on-screen keyboard for Android mobile devices that is smartphones and tablets with artificial intelligence for predictions and auto-correct that too in 91 different languages including Indian regional ones. To enhance this experience it has special personalization features like 39 industry specific dictionaries for the terms generally used in different professions and different color schemes and themes for refreshing keyboard experience.



  • Adaptxt Keyboard offers 91 language and 39 industry-specific dictionaries to enhance the typing experience on Android mobile devices.
  • Legal dictionary designed to facilitate the documentation process, concurrently save time required to input text, thereby improving the productivity and decreasing the man hours.
  • With keyboard customization one can create and save his/her own themes, font and add background image to it or can purchase from the Add-on manager.
  • Automatic Text Replacement (ATR) feature to create custom shortcuts.
  • Clipboard with navigation keys and select, cut, copy, and paste functions.

Install or Not:

Adaptxt keyboard has to be one of the promising keyboards we have used. Unfortunately Adaptxt does not support swype till now but as per our talks with the CEO, Mr. Sumit Goswami we will soon witness a lot better than just swype in near future. To be honest it was very hard for us being a Swiftkey Flow addict to move on to Adaptxt. Thankfully it has aggressive auto-correct option which helped us to survive but the lang support is very cool. Infact it has hinglish, taminglish and some similar options language support too which makes it easy for Indians to adapt to Adaptxt.

Adaptxt keyboard is available for smartphones and tablets on Play store as separate apps which are free to download. This free download have very limited features and to avail the complete package you have to pay a minimal amount of 99 cents.

After talking to Keypoint Technologies, the developer firm we can say that they have some good plans for future and we are eagerly waiting for the goodness to happen. Obviously the big names which are the competitors to Adaptxt which are Swiftkey, Swype and now even Google keyboard can give a hard time but let’s what good they have for us. If any of the features fit to your needs, download the app now.

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