Western Digital one of the largest digital storage manufacturer on June 24th 2013 announced that they have started shipping of the world’s thinnest 1 TB hard drive in India. With the branding of WD Blue, the new 2.5inch 1TB hard drive is super slim with 7mm thickness. The WD Blue hard drive series now has capacity range from 320 GB to 1 TB which creates a potential for even more slimmer notebooks in future.

This WD Blue 7mm hard drives offers compatibility with the standard 9.5mm drive slots which additional features including :

  • WD’s ShockGuard™ technology which provides shock tolerance
  • WD’s WhisperDrive™ technology for cool and quiet performance
  • StableTrac™ and dual stage actuators which enables accurate read and write operations with higher efficiency by handling vibrations and stabilize platters
  • WD’s SecurePark™ which makes the recording heads off the disk during spin up, spin down and power off state.


Intel has recently launched fourth generation processors aka Haswell which along with WD Blue hard drives promises to deliver faster and efficient performance further enriching the computer experience. Earlier where users have to compromise with low disk space on ultrabooks now have an option for upgrade. The 1 TB WD Blue storage capacity will start shipping in last week of June for 7500 INR + taxes whereas 500 GB and 320 GB variants are available since the beginning of this year for 3600 INR + taxes and 3150 INR + taxes respectively.