Twitter, being the most popular micro-blogging service, creates oppurtunities for the developers around the globe to come up with their own clients for Twitter on various platforms. Twitter has also developed its own apps for Android, iOS, and Mac but still lags behind in the Microsoft Arena.

Android, the open source mobile operating system, allows the publishing of apps by just purchasing a developers account and nothing else to get approved, unlike other platforms. This week at Install or Not we reviewed the recent app entrant. Android users might have heard about One Louder apps because of their popular Twitter client, Tweetcaster for Android and Friendcaster for Facebook. They recently published Slices in Google Play Store, a Twitter client with few more features and enhancements.


Slices is yet another Twitter client for Android like others, but has something different adding on to the basic Twitter features like mentions, DM, trending, search, and whatelse.

According to One Louder Apps, Slices is a gorgeous new Twitter app with a cutting-edge design, loads of features, and remarkable speed and responsiveness. Its more than just a Twitter app.

I agree with them but not completely. It has no doubt a decent UI, but it’snot that user friendly.
The good thing is that it allows Twitter access as directories with web sync and divides our timeline into slices. Slices are the sections in which tweets are segregated as per the customizable¬†categories.¬†It has this new feature called ‘Explore,’ which is nothing but a revamped search for Twitter. This Explore can search for live events, featured tweeples, #trending, news, local, celebs, etc. It also allows you to bookmark Twitter acounts and lists for easy access sometime later.

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Adding to all this we have:

  • Unlimited no. of Twitter accounts logged in
  • Post to Facebook feature
  • Search party – Enhanced search of our own timeline, individual accounts, mentions, private messages and more.
  • SmartLists – Twitter lists with lots power user capabilities
  • Zip It – Hide unwanted tweets without unfollowing
  • Smart Filters – Filter your timeline with one tap to show only tweets with photos or videos

Install or Not:

Slices seems to be the first twitter client with features like live events, enhanced search, directory acess and web sync. As I said the UI is decent but not user friendly. They have put in a lot of effort and recently published this app which might contain some bugs that need to be reported and rectified as soon as possible. This application is compatible with Android 2.2+ and is available in free (ad-included) version which can be downloaded from the Play Store.
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