Even after the introduction of Whatsapp, viber, and IM clients people still are using the Short Messaging Service, that is the SMS services, and you have to pay for this services as well. What if these services get free? Many of you might have heard of some websites through which we can send free SMS; a perfect example  of this is way2sms. But for that we have to login every time to send an SMS. What if we have an app which can do so?

Text Free is android application which you can use to send free SMS in india using some free gateways. It saves the your login credentials just once and  use it as your default messaging app. All you need is an internet connection.

Features :

  • Easy to understand user interface.
  • One time configuration
  • Compose new message and send to a contact as well as a multiple contacts
  • Automatic contacts and messaging sync
  • Support thread conversation

Following is list of supported gateways,

  1. Way2SMS (www.way2sms.com) (140 Character)
  2. 160by2 (www.160by2.com) (140 Character)
  3. IndiaRocks (www.indianrocks.com) (130 Character)
  4. FullOnSMS (www.fullonsms.com) (140 Character)
  5. Freesms8 (www.freesms8.com) (160 Character)
  6. Site2SMS (www.site2sms.com) (260 Character)
  7. SMSAbc (www.smsabc.com) (148 Character)
  8. Ultoo (www.ultoo.com) (140 Character)
  9. SMSFI (www.smsfi.com) (138 Character)
  10. Sms440 (www.sms440.com) (440 Character)
  11. BhokaliSms (www.bhokalisms.com) (440 Character)

Install or Not :

Though other application are already present in the play store which serves the same purpose but this one is faster than the others. Along with easy configuration it automatically sync with the contacts and messages present on our android which is really cool. We can also configure which sms channel will send the message. Being a free service, it support ads but they can be removed by just rating the application on the play store rest it is available to download for absolutely no cost.
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