We all are familiar with utorrent, what it does, how to use. But most of us don’t know about all of its features. One of such features is the utorrent remote. utorrent remote is an add on feature which is actually very useful. It gives an access to the control utorrent when we are not within reach of the computer on which we want to download and initiated a download. Assume like you work in an office and you had initiated a download or you want to download something on your computer that is at home switched on connected to a network with utorrent running. But how? All this is feasible using utorrent remote.


Follow the steps mentioned below to unleash the features of utorrent remote

  1. Open utorrent app on your machine.
  2. Configure the remote username and password in the tools remote section.
  3. Visit http://remote.utorrent.com on any remote device or use the android available in the respective app store.
  4. Log in with the credentials configured in the first step.
  5. Control the app from the browser or your mobile device and live like a boss :B

Hit the ground for any queries.

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