Most of us don’t use cellular text messaging as their primary mode of communication although text messaging is still alive with IM services. The only messages we have in our inbox are those which we receive from telemarketing or probably from our banks. We have been ignoring unwanted messages for long and they keep lingering around creating a mess in our inbox, But what if we could block those spam text messages so that they don’t arrive in the first place?

To tackle this situation True Software the company behind the popular Truecaller app has launched a new application called Truemessenger which comes with an automated spam filter powered by more than 150 million Truecaller community members worldwide. We have been using Truemessenger by True Software Scandinavia AB Communication for about 2 weeks now as our primary SMS app and we are pretty happy with the overall experience.


User Interface

The UI of this application looks very similar to any SMS app with list of messages except that here the app features two sections “Inbox” and “Spam Inbox”. All messages automatically detected as spam or marked as spam by the user are moved to the Spam inbox. We also have an option to turn off the notifications of these spam messages. Whenever we receive a message from any unknown contact Truemessenger allows us either to add that number to contacts or to mark it as spam, and if we mark it as spam the message in immediately moved to spam inbox.



Truemessenger’s whole idea is to eliminate spam or unwanted text messages from your inbox. The app has the ability to put a name to a number using its powerful search engine and assigns photos, nicknames and other details to contacts, pulled from social networks. There are many advanced filtering options using which we can block any particular number either from phonebook or we can enter any contact number manually. The second blocking rule that we observed is blocking a number series, we have to enter the number string manually and any number with this number string will be blocked. This can be very handy considering the telecom unwanted calls and messages usually arrive with different numbers under the same series. The third and last rule is we can also block any sender name which is quite understandable.
We also have an option to disable notification of spam messages so that the spam goes unnoticed until the user actually opens the app.


The application currently is available only on Android as a free download on the Google Play Store. The application supports Android 4.1 and above and have already reached 100,000 – 500,000 download category.


The concept behind Truemessenger is simple and pretty much identical to other applications from True Software ecosystem and now we don’t have to worry about those pesky messages that just waste our time.
If you get a lot of spam messages, or are just not very organized when it comes to saving people’s numbers to your contacts, then this app would certainly be very useful. There are some hits and misses when identifying spam as the differentiation is relying on us reporting the numbers as spam.
We like the app very much hence we will giving it 4.0/5. The app still requires to follow Material Design UI guidelines and sending a new text message from this app is still confusing.

Download Link: Android

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