BBM users! We got something for you. Have you ever wanted to have popup notifications? So that you don’t have to open up BlackBerry messenger application to reply back. In some devices its not the case as they have a dedicated BBM key but considering all other models its like ugh..

Ht Tech Solution came up with an solution for this called as ChatPeek for BB


  • Secretly check BBM messages without changing the BBM message status from ‘D’ delivered to ‘R’ read.
  • Popup notifications of BBM messages.
  • Switch the application On/Off
  • Options to automatically disable popup when a certain standard application is active. Selectable applications include: BBM, Browser, Camera, Google Maps, etc.
  • An option to set popup transparency level
  • An option to set display timeout duration
  • Click an icon that takes you to BBM application directly to reply
  • Access Pop-up history directly from the ChatPeek menu screen

Install or Not:

This application turns out to be quite popular among the BlackBerry users as per the reviews and the number of downloads on the app world. The app looks decent and is useful for a handful section of BlackBerry users who want their messages to be disclosed right on the screen. Keeping the message unread finds no use unless you want to lie :p but still I would say it’s well developed and at least the free version is worth a try. The application is available on the BlackBerry App World and is available for $1.99 but a free ad version is also available. Similar application for messages is also there on the App World which gives pop up notifications of messages instead of BBM chat.
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