5th September as we know is celebrated as teacher’s day in India. We have dedicated this week’s column to the teachers who have taught us, made us, to be at a place where we are today. Respect to all the teachers.

‘In Pocket Solutions’ launched two apps for Blackberry smart phones especially for teachers. Taking the first one for now, it is called Teacher’s Aide. This application allows teachers / coaches / professors to take attendance and maintain a grade book. The ability to easily send texts/emails to parents/students to notify about tardies/absences and missing assignments is implemented.


  • supports 45 students per class, up to 20 periods per day/week
  • supports 6 Marking Periods and 4 semesters per year
  • custom default value for fast attendance
  • import student names via CSV file
  • export data via CSV generated file and send via email
  • 1-click Random student generator (no more popsicle sticks) – voice to text speaks students name ALOUD
  • Grading options – use points and categories/weighting
  • Email Parent &Student Attendance and Current Grade
  • BULK Email & Texting. Send messages to all students or parents with a few simple clicks

Install or Not:

This application is developed by a high school teacher who was seeking for such alternatives but failed and decided to come up with an app. It supports English, Spanish, French, and German with support for Italian, Russian, and Portuguese coming up. All it requires is the data and network access ( that is pretty much everything :p ) to send bulks emails, text messages, make calls, etc.
This app is freely available to download as a LITE version to check out the features and then buy the PRO version from the Blackberry App World if you like.
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