Ever wondered if BlackBerry messenger goes cross platform and no special data plan for the same? Don’t think too much, its not happening.
Whatsapp messenger is a cross platform messaging service kinda like BlackBerry messenger that runs on windows phone, iOS, Android and BlackBerry itself. It does not require any special data plan unlike what BBM does.

The features that make it different from BBM are the data requirements and the cross platform compatibility. This messaging service is available free for a year as the trial period and after that we have to $0.99/year. It also does not require any pins and it works directly out of the box, automatically synchronising with the contact numbers in your address book.

This service is thought to be a competitor to BBM but it’s not the case. The servers for BBM are much more advanced that makes it quick and responsive. Moreover BBM is better in integrated with apps, so there is no point comparing them as they can never be same.

This application though is pretty nice and gives and idea to other users what BBM is. This application is available free to download from the BlackBerry App World with an year subscription included.

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