fter doing some in-depth snooping, I have discovered a nice little addition to Nokia’s accessories collection; a Nokia Modem.

United States patent D658,640S, named only ‘Modem’, filed May 1, 2012 on reveals an upcoming Nokia accessory that looks like it could almost certainly be a portable Nokia WiFi hotspot modem similar to Huawei’s  E586 and Novatel Wireless’ 4620L. The rear also reveals what looks like a belt clip.

Some speculation lets me believe that it will support both LTE and HSPA+, allow a sufficient amount of devices to be connected at the same time and it may just be available in Black, White, Red, Yellow, Cyan, Purple and Grey, though I should reiterate that it is only speculation on my part.

You can look at the patent application, with images from all the right angles, here.