Evie LauncherIn this world full of fancy customised launchers, Evie launcher stands out with its simple and minimal interface. Android themes and customisations have developed quite an interest amongst its users nowadays which is growing day by day adding tons of new features. Although it might suit a few especially in the Asian countries where those glittered themes are quite popular. But at times, we just need a simple, stable and useful interface design which is what we experienced with Evie Launcher. Let’s discuss what is the USP of this launcher and what it offers to the users.


The Evie Launcher keeps a minimal setup of 4-5 icons on the main screen. You can replace and add those apps which you use or need very often. There’s a constant search bar on the top which let’s its user search for apps or contacts from anywhere. Evie launcher keeps the dock turned off but the latest update allows it to turn it back on.

The apps can be distributed into any grid size from 5×6 to 12×12. Not only this, you can also customize the size of icons and font size. The search bar was a bit annoying as it used to pop out whenever you swipe down for notifications. However, the recent update gives you an option to change gesture control.


So now if you swipe up from below, you’ll get an All Apps list where you can tap to access any app installed on your device. This is just like an all apps on any android smartphone but instead of the grid pattern all applications are arranged in a long list. The latest update also added a new feed to showcases news and stories. The feed offers several options to choose and customize it as you like. It can be accessed from the swiping the left to right just like Google Now on Google Now Launcher.

As mentioned earlier you can edit and change the home screen, enabling scrolling wallpaper option. Users can edit the icon pack and choose the set they like the most. Gestures control support has been recently added, however you can’t open apps directly from the gestures.

ION Verdict

Evie Launcher has also integrated with Google Assistant to make it more helpful in the search. You can touch the voice option in the search bar and converse with the Google Assistant right away. One of the most interesting features is that it can hide any app from the app menu, without the help of another third-party solution.
These nift add-ons are some features which make Evie a great launcher. Most of the users who liked Google Launcher can jump into it and experience the similarity. It offers a highly efficient user experience with its simple add-ons. The features which were lacking earlier like the full customizations and control for the user has been updated with the recent updates. We hope Evie continues with its development and we can witness more useful updates in future.

Download – Evie Launcher