Kodak is one of the oldest companies in the camera-related industry and it is no wonder that they have their hand in the TV business. In India, Super Plastronics Pvt. Ltd. manufactures the Kodak TVs and they have recently launched the 43-inch UHD 4K Smart TV for Rs. 23,999. As there are many TVs in this segment, we have made a detailed review of how it fares against the others in this price segment. Read till the end.

Kodak 43-inch UHDX 4K Smart TV Review

Design and Display

The build and design of the Kodak 43 inch 4K LED Smart TV is quite commendable for its price. It comes with a full plastic body with a matte finish body. The matte finish is great as it won’t attract dust, is easy to clean and it does not reflect any light. Other than that, the TV comes with a sturdy enough plastic stand but we would have loved to see a metal stand like the other competitors in this segment. On the whole, the build quality is great considering the price at which this is available.

There is a LED indicator at the bottom center that shows the power status of the TV, and under the indicator, there is a single navigation button at the bottom that functions as a power on/off buttons as well as menu navigation button.

Coming to the display, as the name itself says, the Kodak 43 inch Ultra HD TV comes with a 4K LED panel with support for Dolby Vision. The overall color reproduction and contrast of the display panel are great and the overall viewing experience is commendable. Just make sure to adjust the display setting as per your liking and room lighting conditions.  Moreover, you have basic control over the display settings such as backlight, brightness, saturation, etc which makes it easier to get the perfect tone for your eyes. So yes, the display is good for a TV at this price.

Ports And Connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, the Kodak 43CA2022 4K TV has 3 HDMI ports at the back (facing left side) with ARC support. On the ports hub you also have the good old antenna port, an ethernet port to connect wired internet directly to the TV, a. Digital Audio Port, an AV-in port, and 2 USB ports. It is convenient that all the HDMI ports are easily accessible along with the USB ports to make connecting devices like a Fire TV Stick, Chromecast or a MiTV Box a lot easier.

Remote Control

The remote control that you get with the TV is pretty well built and has multimedia shortcuts to all the important things for which you are buying this TV- Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube, and Google Play Movies. It has a slight curve at the back which adds to the ease of grip. You have the traditional channel controls, and the home button is smack in the middle of the volume and channel controls along with the app shortcut keys.

You also get playback controls along with a dedicated Google Assistant button. The Assistant works exactly as it works on any Android smartphone and it just quicky searches for your query on all supported apps and fetches you the content in no time. It’s just sometimes the Google Assistant becomes unresponsive and but that is generally fixed in a couple of seconds and this surely can be improved in future updates.

Performance and Software

The Kodak 43-inch 4K TV comes with a CA53 Quad-core processor with MALI-450MP QUAD CORE GPU for extensive gaming along with 1.75GB of RAM + 8GB of internal storage. The overall navigation process is easy and the boot time of the TV is about 40 seconds. Once it’s turned on, all the apps are already loaded and you can select any app, and it’s good to go.

Talking about the apps, Kodak TV comes with a variety of apps including Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video, and a lot many more. The display viewing angles are great and with the 30-watt stereo speakers it comes with, the media consumption is on the par.

4K and Dolby Vision Content

To test out the Dolby Vision content, we primarily saw Money Heist and Daredevil from Netflix. For 4K (Ultra-HD Television) content, we tried out The Grand Tour from Amazon Prime and some native 4K videos from Youtube. For the best experience, we used all the native apps. In Daredevil Season 2 Episode 3, the staircase fight sequence, it was brighter than what we have seen on HDR TVs. The image is clear with the only downside being that some content shot in pitch darkness looked slightly grey. But, this can be improved by adjusting the brightness and backlight in the settings. For the most part though, the standard preset worked fine for us.

Moving to Grand Tour the Season 1 Episode 1 sequence with a lot of cars on the screen looked good. Overall the Dolby Vision content is widely available on Netflix and it enhances the overall viewing experience and I am sure once you try the Dolby Vision content there is no going back.


There are so many options for TVs in the sub 25k segment with new brands to the segment being Nokia, Realme, and some existing players like Xiaomi and Samsung. The Kodak 43CA2022 43-inch UHDX 4K Smart TV was just announced a couple of months ago and we tested out for quite some time. The bottom line is that we would definitely suggest this one if you are looking to buy one under 25k. The overall build quality, the audio output, and the Dolby Vision,4K content compatibility makes it a great option at this price segment. With a 43-inch 4K panel, it is a great choice to enjoy binge-watching at your home.

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Disclaimer: This product was thoroughly tested by the editor, whose thoughts regarding the product are being portrayed in the article. The Author did not test the product himself, but, has been briefed regarding the experience of the Editor post usage.