Google Doodle is one of the reasons because of which Google got popular. It all goes back to the beginning of the Google in 1998 when they came up with a modified logo, a doodle to be precise, in honor of the burning man festival. And now, they have a daily Doodle page where they make a doodle based on the day’s specialty. Right from where they started off with the Doodles, Google has come a long way with various other products. As we all know, they have come up with the Pixel smartphone a couple of years ago and it’s a hit now.

If you are a pixel user, you might have noticed a small flower growing out in your Pixel’s search bar. This isn’t any new because Google tried implementing the Doodles in other feeds like Discover feed as well. From what we know, the small flower in your search bar was first seen on the 20th of March, which is the official start of the spring.

Talking about the search bar on the homescreen, Google made a few changes and rearranged it to the bottom from the introduction of Android Oreo. And since then, the search bar in the Pixel devices stayed there to the bottom. We, the users started to get bored with the same white search bar till now.

The sheer reason why Google started to introduce the Doodle in different places is because of the low traffic to the main results page. Do you see the flower doodle in your Pixel’s search bar? If not, you can try to enable it by holding on to the search bar, navigate to the Preferences option, and toggle “Special Searchbox Effects” off and turn it back on. Again, we aren’t sure that this works for all the users.

In the other case, if you don’t like these doodles showing up in your Pixel’s search bar, you can just toggle the same “Special Searchbox Effects” off and leave it that way. Although this flower doodle showed in the Pixel’s search bar, there’s still no word from Google whether the search bar is going to change with respect to everyday doodles.