With the rise of technology, came social networking, email, instant messaging and video calling; all of which changed humanity forever.

Nowadays the internet gives you every single bit of information about a person that you could possibly ever need. There are no surprises and no secrets. There’s no need to get to know anyone anymore because there’s nothing you don’t already have access to.

People are glued to screens that they use to communicate with any- and everyone. Sure, it has brought friends and family from far away, closer, but what about the people near you? People don’t bother spending time together anymore, they can just do it online.

Communication skills are broken, until there are only awkward silences between people who come face to face. Not just communication is affected though. Eyesight is damaged, people become near sighted, a point that I am very familiar with because it has happened to me.

Hearing is damaged by earphones and headphones, something that has happened to me as well, having burst both my eardrums twice. Eventually, your hearing and seeing becomes awful, combine that with your ‘sparkling’ communication skills and you’re left with barely anything.

Another underestimated influence of technology is the attribution it provides to health. Laziness is inspired causing fitness to lowers, health weakens, eventually you end up a couch potato. Diseases such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are also caused by that keyboard that you can’t seem to leave alone for second.

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Then there’s addiction, something fairly new and quite dangerous. Lately internet addiction has taken its toll; gaming, social networking, browsing and many more are things that people can’t seem to leave for a second.

Technology has paved its way for the future, but it has also ruined the present. People are being physically and emotionally weakened and destroyed by something that you cannot see nor touch yet can’t seem to live without.

Wake up!