Samsung has a very strong line-up of high end Galaxy smartphones with the Galaxy S III ruling the pack followed by the still very popular and also powerful Galaxy S II but when it comes to mid range, most of the smartphone Samsung has run on the old Gingerbread while others are introducing even mid range phones running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. But now it seems Samsung wants to correct this as a portrait qwerty smartphones has leaked from some Chinese certification papers called the Samsung GT-B5330.

The B5330 will be an entry level device with it packing a screen of QVGA (320×240 pixels) resolution and it is said to have 3G support and another leak from the the B5330 GL Benchmark scorecard suggests that the budget smartphone will pack a modest by an 850MHz CPU. The device is said to come with Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

There are no more details right now but reports say the device will be launching soon and since the leak has come from Chinese certification papers, we can expect China to get the smartphone first.

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