With the recent reports of Nokia laying off some 10,000 employees last month, there were rumors that future Meego updates will be scrapped because the lay offs have consisted employees working on the killed platform and considering that the N9 is the only Nokia smartphone to run Meego there was very less incentive on bringing the update but all this seems to be untrue and there might still be people working on bringing updates to the beleaguered platform as reports suggest that Nokia N9 is receiving the PR 1.3 update in some regions.

The update version number is v40.2012.21-3.001.19 and comes in at 204.8 MB. The changelog is still yet unknown but reports from users suggest  that the update brings a lot of fixes but not anything new to the smartphone. Considering lot of users from the particular region are reporting of getting the update the global rollout would be pretty soon. Do tell us if you have received the update and if you thought this would be the last update for your beloved device then we need to tell you there are rumors suggesting PR 1.4 is already in works.