vivo v7 plus funtouchJust like we introduced it earlier, Vivo smartphones run on a homegrown UI skin called as FunTouch OS which is basically a fork of Android. We know Vivo smartphones are a success, especially in the offline sector. FunTouch OS is the operating system running on all these Vivo smartphones. With the launch of Vivo V7 Plus, FunTouch OS gets some new features, integrating few additions which makes it different from the others. Let’s read about what’s new in the Funtouch OS 3.2

Funtouch OS is now based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat

Now that Android Oreo 8.0 has been announced, all new smartphones launching this year are running on Android Nougat. Some of them still run on Android 7.0, while others have adopted the 7.1 update with July or August 2017 security patch of Android 7.1.1. Vivo V7 Plus runs on the Android Nougat 7.1.2 with July 2017 security patch which is good for both consumer and the manufacturer. Updating the core OS is quite cumbersome for a fork because homegrown UI skins need to have an integrity check done before releasing to ensure if any of the features aren’t broken with the new base. Vivo V7 Plus being the first smartphone to launch with Funtouch OS 3.2 now has all the features of Android 7.1.2 along with their nifty additions working in harmony.

vivo v7 plus funtouch

Camera enhancements

It’s not only the camera hardware which makes it the world’s greatest selfie smartphone. The accompanying camera software which is bundled in as a part of the operating system too plays a major role in getting the desired results. Digital Image processing, a field of computer science is basically the hidden part which improves the images captured by the camera sensor.
Vivo this time introduced Face Beauty 7.0 which not only analyses the still images to improve skin toning but now also works in video calling as well. This is huge because achieving this means that the image processing is now working in real time. Along with this, Vivo camera pp now also includes a Buffing feature, which removes spots or marks on one’s face resulting in a perfect selfie. These image processing algorithms are now developed with more precision and customisation so that Indian women with full attire doesn’t miss her bindi or tilak which was at times considered as an unwanted spot on the subject’s image.

vivo face access

Face Access

Unlocking the smartphone has changed a lot in the past few years. From passwords/PIN to patterns and then to fingerprints clearly states that the trend is changing. Iris sensors have too made their way into the industry but they aren’t mainstream yet. With the improved camera and a lot of research done in Image processing, Vivo has announced Face Access a new way to unlock a smartphone. Though this feature will not be available until September 30, 2017, so we can’t comment on how it works but it is happening. Face Access basically maps the users face creating a 3D Model which shall be used as a reference at the time of unlocking the smartphone.
It’s a cool feature which only looks good to hear and brag about unless it actually works.

vivo v7 plus funtouch

Less Bloatware

This is probably one of the most welcomed decision from Vivo’s software team. Funtouch OS 3.2 comes with very few bundled apps namely, Facebook and WhatsApp which anyways users tend to install during their first run. Vivo also has a partnership with Saavan and hence, their app to comes pre-installed. WPS office can also be found pre-installed which is appreciated while opening docs on the smartphone when you realise you don’t have to install any app to do so. UC Browser seems to be the only unwanted third-party app for us but it is preferred quite a lot due to its data compression techniques where data connectivity is still a struggle.
There are quite a few bundled apps developed by Vivo in-house which includes Browser, iManager, Easy Share, App Clone, Vivo Cloud etc. which aims for easy phone management in the long run.

vivo v7 plus funtouch

Under the Hood improvements

There are quite a few under-the-hood improvements in new Funtouch OS 3.2. Now it is based on Android 7.1.2 there are plenty of core changes done by the Android team itself. Funtouch OS 3.2 is more battery saving consuming fewer resources in the background. There are on-screen buttons on the Vivo V7 Plus so its support has been included in the FunTouch OS 3.2 with customisation options as well. The control center now supports more toggles with two swipes full of different utilities as per your needs. There is a Do Not Disturb Game mode which disables heads-up notifications while playing games. The split screen mode which is known as Smart Split also comes as a feature of Funtouch OS 3.2 which allows to handle two apps at the same time. All these nifty add-ons and silent improvements try to keep Vivo smartphone experience consistent and enjoyable over time.

Funtouch OS is not by any means lacking behind in terms of features and we believe Vivo will also keep up with new innovations in future. Vivo V7 Plus is running the greatest Funtouch OS ever and I hope it gets updated to Android Oreo whenever it’s available.