You must have heard that next week is going to be full of huge announcements from all major mobile platforms – i.e. iOS, Android, and Windows (in this case both desktop and phone OS). iPad mini, Nexus devices, and Surfaces (both tablet and a possible phone) are the buzz words on social media.

Everything is changing. For example, Apple was not in favor of a smaller screen for tablets and now is making a mini iPad. Microsoft, the software company, is betting its future on hardware and services (even ready to make long associated OEMs a competition). Google expanding its hardware family with multiple Nexus devices and models.

The prestigious iPhone5 leaks made it clear that leakers and insiders/informers have doubled down on their performance, thus expecting a big surprise is not a good idea. I saw a lot of reactions, from people who are saying the rumor mills killed the joy and excitement of these announcements, to tech blogs and media sites putting mandatory “rounding up the rumors” posts, but there is still whole lot of critical information we don’t know yet which may decide the future of these products.

So, considering every secret is out in the open from specs to price and even availability dates, there are few things which are still not clear, and that makes me excited about these announcements. Let’s see what we don’t know yet:


  • iPad mini – While everyone thinks that $249 to $350 is a good price bracket for the iPad mini, with recent rumors of the iPad2 phasing out, Apple may take this price to a higher slab. After all, they are the best in the business when it comes to profit margins. Also, we don’t know if this new, smaller iPad will only have a price as a USP, or anything else, such as will this run Siri like its elder brother? Heck, we are not sure what it would be called?
  • What else? – While iPad mini and new iTunes are eminent, nobody is sure about the refreshed line up of Macs. While I believe, 13 inch Macbook with Retina display is a wishful thinking, because historically Apple announces such thing at a separate event, but who knows? Additionally, recent reports of the new iPad getting a lightening connector makes sense, but would that actually happen? Refreshed Mac mini? Improved Maps anyone?


  • Windows 8 / RT – Price is out for Surface and online pre-orders are exhausted, but we still don’t know much nitty-gritty about Windows 8 and Windows RT. Would that be any additional information of Surface with Windows 8 Pro? Also, will MS surprise everyone with a new shiny Metro app of Skype?
  • Windows Phone 8 – While we know Samsung’s Ativ, HTC’s ONE and Nokia’s Lumia will be the flag bearer of Windows Phone 8 but what about Surface Phone? Every OEM was allowed to showcase the hardware, but all of them refrained or may be stopped from showing Windows Phone 8 in action, so what is Windows Phone 8?


  • Nexus – We know LG’s Optimus G based Nexus 4 is coming with a 32GB Nexus, which will go on sale the same day of announcement, but when will LG Nexus be available for mortals? What about the rumored 5th Nexus device? Will that be a 10 incher Nexus tablet or another phone? And who knows if we get to see another Amazing Demo of Project Glass?
  • Android 4.2 – What is Android 4.2 and what are the new features it’s bringing to the Android ecosystem?

The list is not long but the information kept is critical for the overall picture to come into existence. I am excited and if you love your mobile tech, you have all reasons to be.

P.S. I will be at Microsoft’s store on 27th to checkout (or probably buy) Surface followed by standing in line in front of Apple store at 5th Avenue NY for iPad mini on Nov 2. If Rumor mills can help, I would want to block my calendar for Nexus as well.