Here’s something interesting from Google, rather i would say too stupid. Google finally managed to launch a native iphone app for its social network, Orkut. The interesting fact in this is that¬†Google chose to release the app just as Facebook has finally managed to beat Orkut in Brazil.

Orkut for iOS

Your favorite social network just arrived to your iPhone or iPod! The official Orkut app for iOS connects you to your friends and family. Now you can send scraps, see your friends updates, upload photos and browse your friends albums anywhere you go. Never miss a conversation again because you are not in front of your computer: get the free Orkut app and stay connected.

– Update your status
– Check your scraps and messages
– Reply to your friends birthdays
– Check your friends updates
– Browse your friends profiles, scraps and photos
– Take new photos and upload them directly to your Orkut albums
– Share your life anywhere, anytime with the people you care about


Originally posted on TechPrime Blog

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