By the mid-1990’s, consumers began exhibiting the desire to replicate older gaming systems on their new and improved devices. Gaming systems such as Nintendo (NES), and Super Nintendo (SNES), were not necessarily known for their reliability, however, they are undoubtedly, two of the most popular gaming systems ever available. It is no wonder why people would want to find a way to immortalize these devices, allowing users to play their favorite games, while not worrying if their console is going to crash.

Emulators can now be found for various computer systems, mobile phone environments and gaming consoles.   With mobile devices gaining in popularity, it is no surprise that iPhone, Android, WinMo, Etc., would find themselves amongst the list of emulators available on the market.

CrackBerry Forum user, Businesscat2000 has published a YouTube video broadcasting his “iOS player” for Blackberry PlayBook devices. According to the developer “It allows iOS apps to run on various platforms.” With the many restrictions Apple has put on their devices, his claims have of course, been met with skepticism. Currently the player has a very small resolution at only 480×320, but given Apples closed source policy, this is defiantly a triumph. The logistics of getting this emulator published are still in debate, so it is not yet available to the public. With a little patience, coding, and legal grease however, “Magic can happen”.