India being the developing market for smartphones have observed different trends processing in the past two three years. Last year the aim of the manufacturers was to bring smartphone at an affordable price which the low end manufacturers were able to do so. The number of people using a smartphone has definitely increased and is still rising up the toll.

This adoption of smartphones not only create an opportunity for app developers to conquer the ecosystem but also increased their reach. Windows Phone, Android and iOS all three are being accepted in India, Android being most favorable based on a clear fact that some of the smartphones running Android are cheap as in price.

KeyPoint Technologies, the developers of Adaptxt keyboard for Android has made some predictions for 2014 which has already started to stand true based on recent announcements made during CES 2014.

According to KeyPoint Technologies:

  • The low end smartphones will continue to flood in better smartphones with 2k or maybe 1080p displays creating even more opportunities for everyone connected to this industry.
  • There is more scope of innovation and localization of content in a diverse country like India with different regional languages.
  • People will gradually get used to big screen sizes if they haven’t been so. I think they don’t have an option because some manufacturers are enforcing this.
  • Enhancing imaging capabilities we shall see better camera resolution and the supporting technologies coming up in 2014.
  • Mobile computing will rise.
  • A lot of smart wearable devices and accessories will launch embracing new form factors.
  • Enterprises will invest more in the mobile industry as more and more people are moving here.

On the same note, Adaptxt has also planned lots of new features which are currently in development. The upcoming features include:

  • A better predictive search engine v2.0
  • More language dictionaries including industry specific ones which is the USP of Adaptxt
  • Wikipedia integration, social integration, shortcuts and expansion, Auto capitalization of nouns and a private mode for words that you don’t want to share.