BenQ W1080ST Projector is a compact little projector, which compared to other projectors, is wisely priced and packs a lot within. If you are familiar with projectors, you might understand that the projectors aren’t easy to move. They are bulky, consume a large surface area, and need proper spacing for clear vision, etc. Projectors usually need large halls for a perfect picture quality, but gone are those days now. BenQ launched a line of short throw range projectors in which the W1080ST plays an important role.



Short throw projectors refer to those projectors which you can keep close to the screen as compared to the usual ones. Your output quality will not be hampered. For example, a 100-inch diagonal picture you might need to place your projector 4-5 meters away, but having the benefit of short throw lens, this BenQ W1080ST can handle the same in 1.5 meters distance.


The above mentioned projector features a full 1080p engine that can support video output up to 1920×1080 pixels resolution using DLP technology. The Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology guarantees sharp details from HDMI and Blu-ray inputs as well in full HD resolution. You can read about the DLP technology from the web to understand this better if you wish to go into the details.


The BenQ W1080ST projector features both analog as well as digital inputs, comprising of component, HDMI, VGA, and even S-Video. It also has a 3.5mm input too because it has a 10watt built-in speaker. Cool isn’t it?

BenQ offers this as a versatile projector. You can use it as your home theater system video input and output audio back to the input source. You can also install it on a ceiling and rotate the picture by 180 degrees, giving it a normal output. Being light weight and smaller in dimensions, it’s very easy to handle this. You can pack it and carry around to a friend’s or relative’s and enjoy the same experience there.



BenQ W1080ST might not have all the fancy features of a full size projector, but what it offers is the best in its price range. In terms of raw projection, a direct VGA analog input, which is most common, gives an output without any complaints. During the testing period, I had a gaming session with my friends for several hours and then a movie and everyone was impressed by the performance. The colors were excellent, and they did not need complete darkness, unlike some of the conventional projectors. The audio output from the speaker also turned out to be useful, even though it’s only mono sound.


BenQ W1080ST can be a perfect home theater companion with decent audio output and is easy to install and setup. It is especially suited for those who don’t want to permanently install it but just enjoy a big picture from time to time even in different places.