LEOMASTER the mobile internet service provider operating in San Francisco, Hong Kong and India launched a privacy protection app called as LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 on Google Play Store. This privacy guard unlike other security apps is one stop solution to protect your smartphone from any external intrusion.

The app is an intelligent lock tool which provides new levels of protection keeping the data on our smartphones safe. The most vulnerable apps right now if we consider India as a market are social media and e-commerce which require access to everything on the smartphone even though its usage is seldom. LEO Privacy Guard has categorized protection in five different levels namely Dangerous, Vigilant, Normal, Good, and Perfect. The app makes recommendations for the appropriate safety levels suggesting the best possible protection to the user.

LEO Privacy guard also allows hiding one’s personal multimedia content keeping them private and away from the social channels. The security app also monitors mobile data usage, battery level, and app installation status. It also provides with different lock screen suggestions to trying to match with the app’s user interface. The app is free to download from the Google Play Store.

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