Instant messaging and voice call app Line, one of the popular mobile messaging platform has announced that it has achieved an outstanding 30 million registered user base in India and is on track to reach the 50 million-mark by the year end. The Japanese based company has over 560 million users globally and out of these 180 million are active users. Line was formally launched in India in May last year and the number of users in India has increased exponentially. Line is a cross platform messaging app that offers free voice messaging, voice and video calling and group chat feature.


Line has integrated various elemnts in their app, one of them being Line Stickers which allows users to convey their emotions using the vivid characters being used there. These Line stickers spice up the conversations and has brought revolution in text messaging, the concept of stickers was first introduced by Line and since then we have seen other messaging apps to have those integrated with their apps as well. Line users can enjoy more than 20,000 unique stickers with distinctive personalities. These stickers can be downloaded from The Sticker Shop, most of the stickers are free to download.


Line has introduced localised Stickers that are specific for Indian users which include various slangs that are commonly used in India. Observing the auspicious occasion of Diwali, Line recently have introduced a special Diwali stickers pack to let users engage better. Line is not only a simple messaging app but it has also evolved into a genuine mobile platform providing opportunities to developers. Line corporation has developed more than 70 apps that allows users to customise their mobile experience. These apps are an add-on to the Line native app, some of the apps are Line camera & Selfie Collage , Line Brush, Line Card and the newly launched Line Selfie Sticker. Along with these add-on apps, Line Corporation has also developed dynamic games like Line Cookie Run, line bubble etc. Brain wars is the No.1 trending app in US app store.

Line messenger also features official accounts of various celebrities like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift Linkin Park and Maroon 5. Other official accounts are of various famous football clubs and of multiple online shopping portals today like eBay, Jabong etc. Users can view updates from the subscribed official accounts and users can also interact with the official account holder.
Best of all , Line also offers a PC client in which users can chat with Line friends that are available on PC or smartphones basically on more than one device.

In case you are willing to try, the application is available as a free download for Android | iOS | Windows