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LINE has introduced new “Suggest” feature with the new update which allows users to find stickers and emoji just by entering text. For example If the users writes sleepy then stickers showing characters doing things like yawning or taking a nap will be shown.
This could be helpful to users as their time would not be wasted in searching for the right sticker or emoiji. If the user doesn’t like this feature and wants to disable it then it can be done by going to Settings, then Stickers > Display Suggestions.
LINE has also updated it’s Premium Call service through which inexpensive calls to fixed lines and cell phone numbers could be made. Now it is not necessary to start up LINE to access the service, an icon on the home screen can be set that allows direct access to LINE Premium Call thus making it simple for the user.
There has also been advancement in sharing service, until now only one talk could be forwarded or one external site link with one chat room at a time coud be shared. But with this update, users can share or send these with up to 10 groups or chat rooms at once.
This update is only available for Android users right now but will be later available for iOS users as well.