Image source: GSM Arena

This has happened for the first time ever in the history of app downloads that Google has managed to beat Apple App Store in a quarter comparing the number of downloads. But in comparison to this the iOS app store still manages to earn 2.3 times more revenue than Google.

The Games section in both being the top grosser money wise. About 75% of the revenue generated by App store and 80% of the revenue generated by Play Store was due to the Games alone. Social networking apps made their way among the top 5 on both the platforms in turn generating a lot of money.

Both the platforms differed in the top 5 app category, where for people using iOS the sequence was Games, Entertainment, Photo/Video, Lifestyle and Utility, whereas for people using Play store it was Games, Communication, Tools, Entertainment and social apps. On the Apple store it was Music category which shot up and got trending which overall added to the revenue.


Image Source : GSM Arena

Coming to the country wise distribution for iOS platform United states and Japan were among the top two in terms of helping Apple in money making and among the downloads section US and China were on the top.

Similarly for Play Store Japan and South Korea were the top two in terms of revenue and US and South Korea among the download section.