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The social media has been one of the most fantastic way in connecting with friends from around the globe. Technology is connecting people closer and closer everyday but this platform is being misused by cyber criminals to trap ignorant users. A possibility that one could be targeted in the wake of friendships day 2013 on social media.
According to the NCR – Norton Cybercrime report 2012, around 83% people in India believe that the cyber criminals are targeting social networks out of which 15% people have also fallen in the trap to a scam or a fake link being circulated on social media. The cyber criminals get an opportunity on Friendships Day┬áto circulate malicious links to trap innocent people.

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It is seen that around 37% Indian users accept friend requests from unknown people, Knowing this it is absolutely impossible for social media junkies to secure identities from getting misused. It is difficult to exercise caution around. Cyber criminals have found opportunities to misuse personal information as people befriend acquaintances on social networks.
With teenagers and children increasing on social networks and exploring of internet day by day through numerous different gadgets, the cyber bullies have identified a huge number of people exposed to falling in a trap. Cyber bullies send messages via text or social media, e-mails, post content on blogs etc to scare people by misusing the use of technology.

Stay safe, take precautions and Have a Happy Friendships Day!!