The free calling and messaging app, LINE has today announced about their 300 million worldwide user accomplishment. LINE was launched on 23 June 2011 and since then it has been accepted by the people as one of their means of communication which is depicted by the growth in numbers.

Four months ago, LINE had reached 200 million users globally and this achievement has reached to a new level in this short time span. The app has already established a strong foothold in East Asia and user numbers are growing steadily in Hispanic regions such as Spain and Mexico. Currently, the company is focusing on the acquisition of new users in India, Turkey, and West European countries including France, Germany and Italy by conducting localized promotional activities and strengthening partnerships with local mobile network operators and device manufacturers.

LINE’s USP is its stickers. We know how the smartphone market is rising in India and taking the advantage of that, LINE is offering localized content and stickers featuring local celebrities which has allowed to LINE to achieve an impressive 10 million users in only three months after officially entering the country market.

Within 19 months the app had achieved it’s first 100 million users globally and the next 6 months for the next 100 million, and just 4 months between 200 million and 300 million users. Continuing with the progress, LINE anticipates a total of 20 million users in India before the end of 2013 and 500 million users globally by 2014.